Choir For web smaller The OAKE National Conference Choirs is a high-quality performance program featured at the annual OAKE National Conference. Held in a different city each year, the National Conference brings together well-known clinicians, educators, conductors, and entertainment over the course of four days culminating in the Saturday performance of the students who have been selected to participate in the National Conference Choirs. Only active OAKE members are eligible to audition their students for participation in one of the four choirs, each of which is led by a nationally renowned conductor. The singers will learn and memorize their music at home with their own teachers before coming to the conference. Once they arrive, they will be immersed in an intensive rehearsal schedule leading up to the final performance featuring all four choirs. Below are descriptions of the four National Choirs:

  • Children’s Choir – (SSA) – Treble singers in grades 4 – 5. 
  • Youth Choir – (SSAA) – Singers in grades 6 – 8 with unchanged voices. 
  • Concert Women’s Choir – (SSAA) – Female singers in grades 9 – 12. 
  • Chamber Ensemble – (SATB) – Male changed voices in grades 9 – 12, plus female singers selected from all the high school women applicants.



General Choir Information Parent & Teacher Resources Accepted Student Resources

Choir FAQ 
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Choir Concert DVDs/CDs/Photos
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The following documents may be used as example of what to expect from the audition process. 2018 audition requirements are subject to change. 

2017 Choirs – Audition Instructions  
Guide and instructions for teachers submitting auditions

2017 Choirs – Parent Brochure 
Informational brochure for parents of auditioning singers



Important Dates and Financial Obligations

These dates can change if/when there are extreme circumstances affecting the National Office. 




Responsibility of 

Applications Open – Applications found online at

August 15, 2017



Application and Fee Deadline Parents are responsible for application fees, although some schools may cover this fee.  Teacher collects and mails checks to the OAKE National Office.

October 15, 2017

$25 USD

Parent pays

Teacher submits

Audition Results and Notification Emails Sent – Teachers will receive audition results via email.  Typically a day later, acceptance and rejection notifications are sent to parents via email.  Acceptance emails will contain registration links and other important information for parents.

by November 10, 2017


OAKE National Office

Accepted Student Registration & Fee Deadline – Parents are responsible for paying registration fee unless the school covers the fee.  Parents complete the online registration and either pay online or send the check directly to the OAKE National Office.

December 1, 2017

$230 USD

Parent pays and submits registration

Choir Packets Mailed to Teachers – Teachers will receive music packets to begin rehearsing repertoire with students in early December.

Early December, 2017


OAKE National Office

Teacher Conference Registration Deadline – Teachers are required to attend the OAKE National Conference if their student(s) have been selected to participate.  

December 10, 2017


Teacher pays

Event Information


Responsibility of

Dates for Accepted Singers:  MARCH 21 – 24, 2018  (Wednesday* through Saturday)  
*Teachers may arrive later than Wednesday, however, conference attendance and registration are required.

Rehearsal Locations & Hotel Lodgings (if accepted)

Costs TBD


Parent arranges for student


Teachers arrange for themselves

Flight/Travel to Oklahoma City, OK (if accepted)

Costs Vary



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