Chapter Leader Resources

Helpful Tips

Chapter Leader’s Handbook / Resource Guide

This resource was created for both Chapter President’s and their Chapter Boards. It includes:

    • OAKE’s Mission, Vision, and Commitment to Equity
    • General Duties of the Chapter President
    • Specific information about Workshops and Meetings
    • Financial Responsibilities of the Chapter
    • Attendance at Conferences
    • Reports to the National and Divisional Offices
    • Chapter President/Chapter Leader’s Timeline
    • Chapter President’s Report Information
    • Where to Go for Help and Assistance

Guide to the monthly ACORN report

Each month, OAKE staff generate and distribute to OAKE Board Members (including Regional Representatives) and chapter leaders a list of new members of OAKE, along with individuals whose membership has lapsed within that past month. This is known as the “Acorn List.” Use this guide to learn more. 

Chapter Leadership Tips

Use these tips to find out more about Recruiting/Retaining Chapter Members, Recruiting/Retaining Chapter Board Members, Workshop Topic Ideas, Workshop Logistics: Advertising, and Workshop Logistics: Payments

General Resources

Behavioral Covenant – Turning Points LLC (pdf)

Robert’s Rules of Order – the Basics (pdf)

Event Concerns and Procedures

OAKE Guidelines for Reporting and Responding to Equity Concerns for OAKE Events (August 2020)