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OAKE National Conference Choirs
Registration Information for Families

Congratulations on your singer’s acceptance into the 2020 OAKE National Conference Choirs! As a participant, your child will represent their choir, school, city and state in Portland, Oregon. Student singers will participate in a rigorous 4-day rehearsal schedule March 4 – 7, 2020 (Wed-Sat), culminating in a final performance at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral on Saturday March 7, 2020. These four ensembles are part of our national conference for music educators. Note that the choir participation dates are March 4-7 which are one day offset from our national conference dates, March 5-8.

The Conference Choirs menu is your primary source of information. You may also explore the National Conference menu to learn about educators’ experience but please note teachers have a different registration process and timeline than choirs, so please look in the Conference Choirs menu for important info pertaining to your family.


While it is not a requirement that you (the parent) accompany your child on this trip, for the safety and security of all students your child must be chaperoned at all times while not in a scheduled rehearsal by either a parent, grandparent, relative over the age of 21, teacher, or other designated chaperone. OAKE requires all choir members and chaperones residing outside of the conference city to stay in the designated conference hotel. You and your family will have free time to explore the host city and there will even be a handful of conference sessions choir parents will have the option of attending. We invite a variety of exhibitors of interest to educators and choir families, so please do visit them as well.

Resources for Learning Your Music

You will be working hard with your teacher over the coming months to learn and memorize music. You’ll soon receive an email update when part assignments, rehearsal tracks, pronunciation guides, conductors’ notes, etc are available here on the choir website.

Tentative Schedule for Arrival Day

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

2:00 – 4:00 pm Choir Check-In (location TBA) – drop in during this two hour window
4:00 – 5:45 pm Free time/dinner (on your own)
5:45 – 6:15 pm Welcome and Orientation – Meet your Conductor and Choir Chairs! ***
***(Required attendance for all singers and parents)
6:00 – 6:15 pm Parent Information Meeting
6:30 – (TBD) First Rehearsal Begins

General Rehearsal Schedule

Singers must be chaperoned whenever not in rehearsal. Parents may attend all except the dress rehearsal.

  • Wednesday – see “Arrival Day” above
  • Thursday – rehearse morning and afternoon
  • Friday – rehearse morning and a short time after lunch
  • Saturday – rehearsals and dress rehearsal all day, then time to change before concerts

A more detailed schedule for all choirs will be released in February and on Wednesday Check-In Day everyone will receive a Welcome Packet containing maps, schedules, safety information and information on local area attractions.

In addition to rehearsals, we hope you’ll enjoy these special events!

  • Thursday evening – attend the Opening Concert followed by Community Folk Dancing
  • Friday morning – while singers are rehearsing, we’re hosting a welcoming Open House for families and administrators
  • Friday late afternoon and evening – no rehearsal – after an early afternoon rehearsal you’re free to explore Portland!
  • Fri-Sat set in on conference sessions and learn alongside teachers attending for professional development

Rehearsal and Concert Attire

Rehearsal attire: Dress during rehearsals is casual.

Concert attire for Children’s AND Youth Choir

All singers:

  • Long-sleeved, white dress shirt/blouse with a collar (worn tucked in)
  • Black dress pants or skirt (try to have the length of skirt be in the middle of the knee cap)
  • Black tights or hose, if wearing a skirt
  • Black socks and black belt, if wearing pants
  • Black dress shoes

Concert attire for Concert Women’s Choir AND Chamber Ensemble

All singers (select the option most appropriate for you):

  • Concert dress (modest floor length black dress) with neutral hose and black dress shoes. No necklaces.
  • OR black dress pants (tight fitting pants/leggings and jeans are not acceptable), nice black top, neutral color hose, and black dress shoes.
  • OR black suit or sport coat with black dress pants, white long-sleeved dress shirt with a collar (worn tucked in), a long dark tie (no bowties), black socks, and black dress shoes.

Concert and Ticket Information

Location: Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
Date: SATURDAY MARCH 7, 2020

This year there will be two OAKE National Choir concerts on Saturday featuring two ensembles per performance.

  • Concert #1 at 4:30 PM: Children’s and Concert Women’s Choirs
  • Concert #2 at 6:30 PM: Youth Choir and Chamber Ensemble

See your acceptance email to confirm in which choir your singer will perform.

NOTE for 2020: The concert venue in Portland is vibrant, yet small, and there is a possibility the first concert will sell out. OAKE is prioritizing families and teachers of choir students getting to attend in person. Because we want everyone to have the opportunity to see their singer perform, each family is initially limited to FIVE AUDIENCE SEATS (two are complimentary). Do not purchase tickets for the singer or teacher; teachers with choir members automatically receive a ticket to that concert. Further audience tickets may open later, but this is not guaranteed and you’ll receive notice by email whether this will be the case. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Additionally, both concerts will be shown via video at the conference hotel shortly after each concert ends for conference attendees or anyone else wishing to view. No tickets are necessary for viewing by video and we welcome you to stay back at the hotel and freely enjoy one or both concerts this way. OAKE will keep families and conference attendees apprised of concert ticket availability in advance and also at the conference site.

Each choir student receives two (2) complimentary tickets to the National Conference Choirs Concert in which they are performing; if you have more than one child participating, they each will receive two (2) complimentary tickets for their concert. These tickets will be distributed to you during Choir Check-In.

  • Pre-purchase additional concert tickets online using the Choir Order Form between now and January 10, 2020. OAKE will communicate about further ticket availability.
  • Shuttle busses are provided for singers to and from the concert. They do not need tickets. 

Your tickets will be distributed with your singer’s registration packet at Choir Check-in.

Timing of Release: We have received inquiries regarding concert ending times. Both concerts are scheduled to last 65 minutes. Please account for additional time for students to be dismissed to their holding room, a family member to locate them, and shuttling everyone back to the hotel. If there is a delay starting the concert, this will affect the ending time. OAKE recommends families enjoy Portland Saturday night and travel on the 8th.

Choir Order Form

In addition to being able to pre-purchase additional choir tickets, the Choir Order Form allows you to purchase:

  • Advertisements: Choir Program Advertisements are a way to show your children how enthusiastically you support their efforts. These messages will be printed in the concert choir program booklet which is given out at the final choir concert, sure to be a keepsake. With a range of sizes and graphics to choose from, we are certain you will find a creative way to make your child feel special!
  • Family T-shirts: Each singer receives a complimentary T-shirt as part of registration, but we are also happy to offer OAKE T-shirts to family members of choir singers. Thank you for your support. Shirts will be distributed during Choir Check-In day.
  • Shuttle Bus tickets to the Saturday Concert Venue: Families have the option to purchase round-trip shuttle bus tickets for $10, or find their own transportation one mile to the performance hall. Singers do not need a bus ticket, but any audience members who are interested in using the shuttle would need to purchase this ticket in advance.

Conference Hotels and Rehearsal Space

The Hilton Portland Downtown is one block from the very affordable MAX Light Rail, which comes straight through from the airport. It hosts our reserved sleeping rooms, meeting, and rehearsal space. Choir families and attendees will have excellent access to all aspects of the conference as well as places to find a quick coffee or meal inside the conference center. Walk outside and you’ll be within steps of a variety of eclectic restaurants and other Portland fun.

Have Questions?

Please check our Choir FAQ for Frequently Asked Questions by teachers, parents and students.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to Contact Us.