Ankuda, Megan

[email protected]
(612) 396-7845
OAKE Affiliated Chapter

Educational Background

Currently: PhD Student (music education) Indiana University Jacobs School of Music
GD in Music Ed. w. Certification (2012) Boston Conservatory
Master of Music, University of Minnesota (2008)
Bachelor of Music, The Boston Conservatory (2005)

Kodály Studies

Summer Kodály Certificate (2016) Holy Names University
Summer study at Hartt (2012), KMI (2013), Holy Names (2014-2016), Kecskemet (2017)

Teaching Experience

2020-2021: Secondary musicianship teacher, National Children's Chorus, online classes.
2009-2020: Pre-K through Grade 8 music in public schools in Massachusetts and Connecticut, most notably in Cambridge Public Schools, MA, and New Haven Public Schools, CT

Presentation Experiences

March, 2021 OAKE National Conference
February, 2021 Texas Music Educators Association Conference (TMEA)
2019 OAKE Eastern Division Fall Tune-Up, Fairfax, VA

Areas of Expertise

Assessment and feedback
Kodály history

Session Topics

Enhancing Musicianship Through the Works of Black Composers
Unity and the 333 (Using the 333 in the classroom)

I am available to present on a range of pedagogical topics, including the use of popular music in Kodály-centered classrooms

Intercultural Knowledge and Competence

My work is focused on centering voices of people from historically marginalized populations, through the OAKE Podcast and my conference presentations about the music of Black composers. While teaching in New Haven Public Schools, I participated in anti-racism professional development. I sought to embody this learning through a community-music focused approach that de-centered traditional norms about singing in school performances.

Organizational Leadership

Current Member, OAKE Teacher Education Committee
President, Boston Area Kodály Educators, 2014-2015


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