Bain, Lauren

(512) 680-8953
OAKE Affiliated Chapter

Educational Background

Master of Arts in Teaching; Trinity University 2006
Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance and Music Education; Trinity University 2005

Kodály Studies

Texas State University 2009

Teaching Experience

Rio Grande Valley Kodály Program; McAllen, Tx 2018-present
Carl Schurz Elementary; New Braunfels, TX 2009-present
Woodstone Elementary; San Antonio, TX 2006-2009
Private Piano Instructor; San Antonio, TX 2003-2008

Presentation Experiences

OAKE National Conference 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019
AOSA National Conference 2014
Center for Educators Development in Fine Arts Conference in 2014
Texas Music Educators Association Convention 2015, 2016
Texas Choral Directors Association Conference 2017
Know Your Impact Conference Featured Clinician 2018
TMEA: Region 8 in 2013; Region 8 & Region 15 in 2017
Kodaly Educators of Texas Clinician; 2009-present
various school districts across Texas 2009-present

Areas of Expertise

Early Childhood Music Curriculum (K-1)
General Music Curriculum (K-5)
Instrument Applications

Session Topics

Magic of Kindergarten 4 hours
Connections to ESL Instruction 1 hour
Instrument Applications 2-3 hours
K-5 Music Curriculum 6-8 hrs
Movement in the General Music Classroom 3 hours
Folk Song Repertoire & Games 4 hrs

Intercultural Knowledge and Competence

After reading literature on the subject and conversations with other music teachers across the span of two years, my personal bias has been challenged and reformed. I now focus my instruction goals on supporting and fostering an environment where the cultures of my students are valued and honored. In no way am I perfect nor have arrived at the goal I desire, but my mindset is focused on how my behavior impacts others. Additionally, I helped KET write our equity statement and place it in our clinician contract.

Organizational Leadership

Vice President for OAKE chapter KET 2011-2016
President-Elect for OAKE chapter KET 2017-2019
President for OAKE chapter KET 2019-2021


"It Was Meant to Be: The Relationship between ESL and Kodály Practices. Part One - Three." The Encounter. Kodály Educators of Texas (January 2018, May 2018, January 2019) 10-14.
"Texas Patriotic Music." Southwestern Musician. 75.2 (September 2006): 56. Print.
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