Paney, Andy

[email protected]
(662) 589-8765
OAKE Affiliated Chapter

Educational Background

Texas Tech University, Ph.D. in Fine Arts, Music Education, 2007
Texas Tech University, M.M.Ed., 2004
Wheaton College (Illinois), B.M.E., 2000

Kodály Studies

Kodály Levels:
I, II (Portland State University, Portland, Oregon)
III, and IV (Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas) 2000-2006

Teaching Experience

University of Mississippi, Assoc. Prof. of Music Ed., 2009-present
Portland State U., Kodály Summer Certification Faculty 2008-present
Oxford Children's Chorus, Director, 2011-present
Willie Price Lab School, Music Teacher, 2011-present
Fort Worth Independent School District, Choir Director, 2007-2009
West Texas Children's Chorus, Director of Musicianship Development, 2005-2007
Bensenville Public Schools, Illinois, General Music and choir teacher K-8, 2000-2002

Presentation Experiences

Presentations at OAKE National Conferences in 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, and the Newcomer Session at the 2020 and 2021 conferences.
State Conferences presentations and workshops in AL, AR, CO, GA, ID, LA, MO, MS, OR, TN, and TX.

Areas of Expertise

Developing musicianship
Musical Practice Activities
Music Games

Session Topics

Practice Activities For Melodic and Rhythmic Elements
Music Games Students Love
Improving Melodic Dictation
Developing Pitch-accuracy Skills
Developing Music Reading in the Choral Rehearsal
South American Songs and Game
*All are 1-2 hours

Intercultural Knowledge and Competence

I grew up a minority in Lima, Peru. I learned English at home and Spanish with my friends. As a teacher, I've seen the value of each person and the value of learning and understanding about things that are significant to another person. I believe in the value and dignity of each person and care deeply in learning how to make that evident in the way I talk and how I teach.

Organizational Leadership

OAKE National Board: President, Southern Division 2020-2023
OAKE National Board: Southern Regional Representative 2, 2016-2020
Kodály Mississippi: President, 2020-2022, Vice President 2018-2020


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Paney, A. S., & Kay, A. C. (2015). Developing singing in third-grade music classrooms: The effect of a concurrent-feedback computer game on pitch-matching.
Paney, A. S. (2014). Jean Sinor's musicianship plans for Kodály certification courses. Kodály Envoy.
Paney, A. S., & Buonviri, N. O. (2014). Teaching melodic dictation in Advanced Placement music theory. JRME

Additional Information

Locations in LA,MS, AL, AR, and TN are most convenient for me. MI, TX, & IL work well around breaks!