Wassemiller, Jennifer

(316) 285-7736
OAKE Affiliated Chapter

Educational Background

PhD candidate, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
BME Friends University, Wichita, KS
MME Emporia State University, Emporia, KS
Kansas Professional license: Music-Vocal & instrumental, K-12,
English for Speakers of Other Languages

Kodály Studies

Kodály Levels: Wichita State University, 2009, 2010, and 2011
Orff levels: University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2016 Level I; 2019 Level II

Teaching Experience

August 2017-present University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Graduate Teaching Assistant & Undergraduate Practicum Supervisor
July 2017 University of Central Missouri, Kodály Solfège I, Kodály Choral Techniques I, Kodály Choral Techniques II; Kodály Choral Techniques III; Kodály Summer Institute Choir Director
East Heights UMC, Wichita, KS Children & Youth choir director
K-12 general and vocal music in Kansas Public schools 2001-2017

Presentation Experiences

OAKE National Conference: 2018,2020
Midwest Kodaly Conference: 2017, 2019
Kansas MEA Conference: 2014, 2019, 2020
Nebraska MEA Conference:2019
USD 259 District PD sessions: 2016
USD 265 Big Cat Conference: 2014

Areas of Expertise

Culturally Relevant Teaching Practices
General Music curriculum

Session Topics

Body Percussion (1-2 hours)
Folkdancing (2-3 hours)
Culturally Relevant Teaching Practices & Strategies (3 hours)
General music curriculum (specific concepts and length tailored to your needs)
*Can provide a focus on secondary general music

Intercultural Knowledge and Competence

In addition researching and presenting on the topic of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, I've attended the UNL Inclusive Leadership Retreat and the UNL Peace + Civility Staff Workshop in 2019 along with a class focused on Pluralistic Education, focused on the lack of equity that is systematic within our schools and society. I purposely seek out experiences in cultures outside of my background, and I have chosen to actively celebrate diversity in my classroom both in my choice of teaching materials and in the language that I use to address students. Fostering an environment where learners of all socioeconomic, cultural, and developmental levels are accepted, I work to model how students can create, analyze, and enjoy music in ways that suit their individual abilities while developing their cultural competencies.

Organizational Leadership

PSKOR member-at-large, 2019-2020
Friends U. Alumni Advisory Board Member, '10-'14; Secretary '11-'12
NE KMEA Elementary Chairperson '08-'10; '12-'13
NE KMEA Advocacy Chairperson '09-'11


Woody, R. H., Lui, X., Rom, B., Smith, B., & Wassemiller, J. (2020). Musical Engagement and Identity: Exploring Youth Experiences, Tastes, and Beliefs. Manuscript submitted for publication in the journal Music Education Research.

Odegaard, D. (Ed.). (2017). Kaleidoscope A Collection of Standards-Based Lessons for the K-7 General Music Classroom. Van Nuys: Alfred Music Publishing Company.
*Peer Editor of submitted lesson plans.

Additional Information