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2020 Conference Sessions
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Educating the Teachers of Teachers Track (ETT) (Friday March 6th)

Carol Forward
ETT Forum #1: Completing the Annual Report: Updates and New Information

Christopher Roberts, Sarah Bartolome
ETT Forum #2: Materials and Social Justice Issues

Focus: Cultural Diversity

Rita Alway
Popular Music In the Kodály-Inspired Classroom

Becca Buck, Qorsho Hassan
A Culturally Relevant Kodály-Inspired Classroom with Emphasis on Somali

Colleen Casey-Nelson
Global Soundscapes: Teaching with World Music Recordings

Minami Cohen
Japanese Songs and Singing Games in the Kodály Classroom

Adam Epstein, Richard G. Saunders
Multicultural Musical Role Models: Inspiration through Engaged Listening

Rachel Gibson
Living Traditions: Children’s Songs and Singing Games from Central America

Julianna Gylseth
Sticks and Stones: Multi-Cultural Musical Games Children Love to Play

Kathe Lyth
International Songs of Peace and Love

Will Skaff
Be Your Own Arranger: Transforming Simple Songs into Performance Pieces

Focus: Cultural Responsiveness

Elizabeth Anderson
Songs of Peace, Protest and Change for Upper Elementary

Sean Breen
Focus on Neuroscience in the 21st Century Kodály Classroom

Nick Holland-Garcia
Navigating LGBTQ+ Issues: Guiding Principles for 21st Century Classrooms

Logan McKinney
Overcoming Myopia: Female Composers in the Kodály-Inspired Classroom

Meredith Riggs and Panel Members
Reframing Kodály-Inspired Practices Towards Culturally Responsive Teaching

Melyssa Stone
Culturally Responsive Teaching in the Kodály Classroom

Loren Tarnow
Hocus Pocus the Magic of Focus: Social-Emotional Learning in Music

Jennifer Wassemiller
Beyond Multiculturalism: Creating a Culturally Relevant Kodály Classroom

Focus: Instructional Diversity

William Bauer
Dalcroze Education and the Kodály Method: We Sing the Body Eclectic
(Dalcroze Society of America)

Elaine Bernstorf, Amanda Vanausdall
Apply Kodály’s Vision: Foster Executive Functions with Visual Manipulatives

Judy Bond, Diane Lange, Steven Robbins, Julie Scott
Improvisation In General Music: Kodály, Dalcroze, Gordon, Orff
(Alliance for Active Music Making)

James Bowyer, Ben Munisteri
Sequencing Movement in the Elementary Music Classroom

Marla Butke
Integrating Dalcroze Eurhythmics into the Kodály Classroom
(American Eurhythmics Society)

Ashley Cuthbertson
Concept-Based Learning Centers

Anita Edwards
Solutions for the Top Ten Challenges for Teaching Recorder
(Macie Publishing Company)

Tiffany English
Playing With a Purpose
(American Orff-Schulwerk Association)

Kelly Lynch, Beth Berridge
What’s Your Focus? 21st Century Skills in Early Childhood Centers

Robbin Marcus, Katy German
Creating Musical Communities for the 21st Century: OAKE and CDSS
(Country Dance & Song Society)

Lucia Schaefer
Music Maker Space: A Place for the 21st Century Child

Berta Yee
Let’s Move! Movement Activities to Support Musical Goals

Focus: The Pacific Northwest

Karen Arlen, Douglas Card, Nancie Kester
Exploring Oregon’s History Through Song

Gail Needleman, Anne Laskey
They Brought Their Songs with Them: Songs of the West

Jill Trinka
Woody Guthrie and the Pacific Northwest
(GIA Music)

Focus: The Singing Classroom

Amy Carter, Jennifer Kimock
Practice Skills: Envisioning the Future While Focusing on the Process

Andrew Ellingsen
From Traditional to New: Using Folk Material to Inspire Creativity
(West Music)

Molly Feigal
SongWorks: Perceptions of Pitch, Can I Really “Have It All?”

Brent Gault
Focusing on Sequence: The Spiral Curriculum in Kodály-Inspired Classrooms

Jake Harkins
Empowering Students with Notation as Play: SongWorks Literacy Practices

Sandy Knudson
Focus on Beautiful Tone: Kindergarten and Beyond

Ardelle Ries
SingAble: We Love to Sing Because We are Able

Roger Sams
Focus on Function: Functional Harmony in General Music
(Music Is Elementary)

Heather Shouldice
Fostering Vocal Improvisation in Elementary Music
(Gordon Institute for Music Learning)

Ethan Sperry
DEMONSTRATION: The Versatility of the Voice

Loren Tarnow
Implementing Your Perfect Vision: Initiating a Kodály-Based Program

Instrumental Track (IT) (Saturday March 7th)

Herbert Marshall
Vocal-Instrumental Collaboration: Folk Songs that Inspire Instrumental Art

Nicolas Miranda
Recorder Alternatives: Welcome to the World of Ocarina (STL Ocarina)

Royce Tevis, Lindsay Kellogg
The Great Extraction: Teaching Musicianship through Performance Repertoire

Doug Towner
From the Past to There: Students Musical Instrumental Development Beyond K-5

Secondary Choral Track (SCT) (Saturday March 7th)

Sandy Knudson
The Engaging Choral Classroom: Focus on Engagement

Sarah Martinez
Transitions and Literacy in the Choral Classroom

Donna Menhart
Open Education Resources: Access to Multi-Cultural Sight-Singing Materials

Annual Conference Sessions

Administrators and Choir Family Session led by Kevin Pearson

Choral Reading Session led by Laura Petravage

Community Folk Dancing led by Tanya LeJeune and Carrie Nicholas

Morning Sings led by Kathy Kuddes and Kelly Foster Griffin

Newcomer Session led by Andy Paney

OAKE President’s Forum led by Ann Leffard

Sunday Spotlight Session led by Maree Hennessy

Important Contacts and FAQ

Scheduling concerns and inquiries should be addressed to the National Conference Business Director, Nancy Johnson.  OAKE typically releases the final conference schedule in mid-February preceding the conference.  

Equipment inquiries should be addressed to the Equipment Coordinator, Nick Mercier.

Materials Upload inquiries (pictures, biographies, agreements, handouts) should be addressed to the Administrative Coordinator, Colleen Graves.