Sessions and Presenters

Conference Schedule 

Click the image to see the full schedule.  NOTE: This schedule is subject to changes. Please use this as a guide to plan your weekend. Session block times will not change, only room assignments and room designations are subject to changes. 

with Joan Litman


Thursday, March 23, 2017 | 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
$75/Members | $100/Non Members

Woven together with songs and singing games from Latin America and the Middle East, the presentation will offer revolutionary insights: the mandate for cultural context, cultural and historic sensitivity vs. political correctness, inclusion of less visible members of our community. Stimulating curiosity and creativity
is a moral imperative in 21st century music education! Middle school students from the Mustard Seed School, Hoboken, NJ, will assist.

Secondary Choral Track
Friday, March 24, 2017 | 8:15 am – 4:00 pm
Registration: Regular, fully registered Conference attendees are welcome to attend any or all of this track. Non Members can register for $100. 

We welcome all Middle School and High School choral educators to explore music literacy, rehearsal techniques, vocal pedagogy and repertoire. Session presenters include Fernando Malvar-Ruiz, Darla Eshelman, Peter Coulianos, Julia Shaw, and Jeanne Wohlgamuth. For more information and SCT session descriptions, please click the flyer above. To register for the SCT track as a Non Member, please visit the Rates and Registration page

Conference Sessions

21st Century Skills
Alyssa Avenatti – Teaching Improvisation in the 21st Century (sponsored by
Susie Petrov – Sing AND Move, Move AND Sing

Matthew Hanne – Inspiring Improvisation
DEMO – Gretchen Liechty Lynch – Give Them Wings: Developing Musicians in the Elementary School Choir
DEMO – Eileen Keller, Nancy Lineburger and Marci Major – Kodály in a K-12 Choral Setting: Reaching all Learners to Achieve Independence in Musical Literacy
Craig Knapp – Music Literacy in the Elementary Choral Rehearsal
Georgia Newlin – Developing Part-Work Abilities in School-Age Singers – Foundational Skills (sponsored by Music Is Elementary)
Christina Svec – Singing Voice Development through Improvisation, K-2

Classroom Connections
DEMO – Kathryn Bach – The Beauty of Practice: Creating Musically Literate Students
Beth Berridge and Kelly Lynch – Celebrating Preschool: Cultivating Citizenship through Centers-Based Learning
Keira Brown – Singing For All in Upper Elementary General Music
Brent Gault, Judy Bond and Andrew Ellingsen – Fostering Musical Independence through Active Music Making (sponsored by the Alliance for Active Music Making (AAMM))
Crystal Henricks – Facilitating Independence through Preparation
Sandy Knudson – Practice! Practice! Practice! with Joyous Music Making
Sue Leithold-Bowcock – From Dependence to Independence: Gradual Release of Musical Responsibilities
Juanda Marshall and Jessica Baron – K-5 Activities: Sing, Play and Create Using the Ukulele
Donna Menhart – Efficient Use of Folk Songs in Middle and High School Curricula
Aileen Miracle – Variety in Assessment: Fostering Musical Independence and Growth
Pamela Stover – From Colonial Times to the Civil War: Early American Songs

Differentiation/Special Learners
Alice Hammel – Singing a Different Way: Students who are Non-Verbal

Anne Cohen – Dinah Blow Your Horn: Kodály in the Instrumental Classroom

Madolyn Accola – Dancing through the Balkans in Even and Mixed Meters
Lauren Bain – Are You Listening, Kindergarten? (sponsored by Music Is Elementary)
Susan Brumfield – FIRST, WE SING! Songs and Games for Kodály-Inspired Teaching (sponsored by McGraw-Hill Education)
Donna Gallo – Taking Liberties: Creative Movement to Enhance Musicianship in Elementary Music
Lindsay Jackson – IndepenDance in the Music Classroom
Lynn Rechel – Let the Children Play!

Colleen Casey-Nelson and Louise Pascale – Reconnecting Culture: Uncovering Children’s Songs from Afghanistan


Multicultural (cont..)
Adam Epstein – Multicultural Musical Role Models: Inspiring Diverse Students through Engaged Listening
Kim Eyre, Jake Autio, Jan Dammann, Ardelle Ries, and Jody Stark – North of the 49th Parallel: Canadian Materials for Musical Independence (sponsored by Kodály Society of Canada)
Chet-Yeng Loong – Ni hao! Sing and Chant Your Way to China!

Amy Carter and Jennifer Kimock – Active Listening: Strategies to Improve Attention, Focus and Musical Independence
Lauren Carpel and Beth Anne Young – Let Freedom “Sing”: Musical Independence in Middle School Choir
Leigh Ann Garner – Let Freedom Sing! The Independence of Part Work in the Kodály-Inspired Music Classroom
Esther Liu Harris – Kodály in Flow
Rebecca Juarez – Let Them Ring: Voices and Bars in Song
Kathy Kuddes – Beyond the “333’s” – Kodály’s “Pentatonic Music” Series

Manju Durairaj – TeachMusic: Actively Making Music with InterActive Technology (sponsored by Hal Leonard)
Andrea Halverson – One Device, Now What? Using Mobile Devices in the Music Classroom
Laura Harmon – Untethered: Kodály and iPads


Annual Conference Offerings
Administrator Program Address by Linda Hulsey
Choir Parent Session – Who Was Kodály? led by Donna Menhart
Choral Reading Session led by Keira Brown and Cheryl Tierney
Community Dancing led by Jayne Wenner
Morning Sing led by Alyson Shirk (Fri), Donna Menhart (Sat)
President’s Forum – Kodály’s Legacy as the Touchstone for the Undergraduate Music Curriculum: Collaboration between Music Education and Music Theory with Mary Epstein, Phillip Tacka, Michéal Houlahan, and Millersville University Undergraduate students

Educating the Teachers of Teachers (ETT)
The following sessions will be facilitated by members of the Teacher Education Committee:
Choral and Instrumental Tracks in Kodály Levels Programs
Alternative Programs for Kodály-Inspired Teacher Education
Conversation about OAKE Endorsement

Secondary Choral Track
Friday March 24, 2017
Secondary Choral Reading Session – Darla Eshelman
Peter Coulianos – Breathing Your Way to Vocal Freedom
Fernando Malvar-Ruiz – The Adolescent Male Evolving Voice
Julia Shaw – Enlivening Secondary Choral Rehearsals through Kodály-Inspired Teaching
Jeanne Wohlgamuth – Let Freedom Ring: Developing Musical Independence in the Choral Setting

Annual Conference OfferingsOrff instruments

Administrator Program
This program is offered to school administrators who will receive complimentary registration, which will include Friday sessions and a meeting specifically for administrators new to OAKE with opportunities to learn more about the Kodály approach. In addition, registrants may recommend administrators for a certificate presented to those who have demonstrated strong support for Kodály philosophy. An informational e-mail will be sent out before the conference explaining registration for this program.

Mentor and Newcomer Program
For first time attendees to the OAKE National Conference. The Newcomer Program begins with a 45-minute orientation session connecting new conference attendees and seasoned Kodály teachers. New attendees will be given sample teaching materials and a list of session recommendations. Space is limited to 50 participants. Participation is on a first come, first serve basis at the registration desk.

College Credit
Graduate credit will be available at the conference. If interested, please check the Graduate Credit box located on the conference registration form. 

Educating the Teachers of Teachers Track (ETT)
These sessions are designed for conference participants who teach or are interested in teaching in OAKE-endorsed programs, offering in-service programs, presenting workshops, or simply wishing to expand their knowledge-base as a music educator, regardless of teaching level. A list of this year’s ETT sessions are listed above. 

Secondary Choral Track (SCT)
These sessions are designed for Middle and High School choral educators to explore a Kodály -inspired skills based approach to music literacy, rehearsal techniques and repertoire.  

Important Contacts and FAQ

Scheduling concerns and inquiries should be addressed to the National Conference Business Director, Nancy Johnson.  OAKE typically releases the final conference schedule in mid-February preceding the conference.  

Equipment inquiries should be addressed to the Equipment Coordinator, Nick Mercier.

Materials Upload inquiries (pictures, biographies, agreements, handouts) should be addressed to the Administrative Coordinator, Colleen Graves.