Sessions and Presenters

Dear OAKE Members and Colleagues,

The 2020 National Conference Committee is enthusiastically preparing for the 46th Annual OAKE National Conference to be held in Portland, Oregon, March 5-8, 2020. We invite you to join us as we celebrate 46 years of national conferences! The theme for the conference will be: “Focus 2020: Kodaly’s Vision in the 21st Century”. We envision sessions that will explore diversity of delivery, diversity of population and media, diversity of culture and how can make the Kodály approach to music education thrive in the 21st century.

We invite you to share your expertise about ear training, pedagogy, building relationships with students, conducting, and more, while embracing diversity and 21st century skills! Please submit proposals for demonstrations, performances, sessions, and/or papers that relate to this theme and demonstrate how we can expand to accomplish them through the lens of a 21st century learner/musician. Proposed topics include but are not limited to: musicianship, pedagogy, and literacy; choral and instrumental applications; music from many cultures and diverse populations; special education applications; brain and cognitive development; vocology; elementary, middle school, high school, and beyond.

This year, we also invite OAKE members to submit their names for consideration to lead sessions that are offered annually at each conference, such as the Introduction to Kodály Parent session, Choral reading session, and Morning Sing. All proposal forms for the 2020 OAKE National Conference must be submitted online by May 6, 2019. Forms are available at

Thank you for all that you to further Kodály’s philosophy, and to educate and inspire children every day!

Warm regards,
Amy Abbott and Michelle Trapa
2020 National Program Co-Chairs

For Accepted Presenters:


  • Proposal Grading Process and Criteria
  • Registration for the conference is required and is the responsibility of the presenter. OAKE cannot assume any financial responsibility for travel, food, lodging, OR REGISTRATION.
  • OAKE cannot accommodate changes to session titles or the addition of presenters after a proposal has been accepted. 
  • Members of the local conference programming team are not eligible to submit proposals for their conference.
  • Submission of this application is an indication that the presenter referenced below is prepared to travel to and present at the OAKE Conference, if accepted.
  • Due to very specific scheduling criteria, OAKE cannot promise scheduling on any particular day.
  • Presenters may be assigned a session ranging from 45 minutes to 75 minutes. Scheduling will be determined by the National Program Team.
  • All presenters are now REQUIRED to have presented at the local, state, regional, and/or national level before submitting a proposal to present at the OAKE National Conference.
  • Please do not post news of your proposal status (whether accepted or rejected) to any social media platforms until OAKE makes its announcement public in early October. This allows time for all of our selected presenters to confirm their participation and allows time to select alternate sessions in the event that an accepted presenter can no longer participate.

Important Contacts and FAQ

Scheduling concerns and inquiries should be addressed to the National Conference Business Director, Nancy Johnson.  OAKE typically releases the final conference schedule in mid-February preceding the conference.  

Equipment inquiries should be addressed to the Equipment Coordinator, Nick Mercier.

Materials Upload inquiries (pictures, biographies, agreements, handouts) should be addressed to the Administrative Coordinator, Colleen Graves.