International Kodály Society Membership

International Kodály Society Membership

The International Kodály Society is active in 34 countries and has Affiliated National Organizations in 16 countries. The IKS was founded in 1975 in Kecskemét, Hungary to promote the musical, educational and cultural concepts associated with Zoltán Kodály for the benefit of music generally and in particular for the educational advancement of youth. The Society serves as an international forum for all who are active in the spirit of the Hungarian master as composer, scholar and educator.

The Organization of American Kodály Educators has celebrated a long and robust association with the IKS in two significant ways:

  • In 1973 the first IKS Symposium was held in California at Holy Names College, and the Symposium has continued to be held in alternating years since.
    • In 1993 the 11th Symposium was held in Connecticut at The Hartt School, University of Hartford
    • In 2007 the 18th Symposium was held in Ohio at Capital University
    • In 2023 the 26th Symposium was held in California at The Colburn School of Music.
  • Since 1975 with only one exception, a representative from OAKE has served on the IKS Board of Directors in all possible roles, as President, Vice President, Past President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Director.

IKS publishes the peer-reviewed IKS Bulletin (ISSN 0133-8749) twice each year, and is sent free of charge to IKS members. The IKS Bulletin circulates in over 20 countries, reaches a significant international audience and is the premiere international publication specific to Zoltán Kodály’s lifework, including but not limited to his concept of music education, its practices, and supporting research. The IKS Bulletin is indexed in RILM Abstracts of Music Literature, which documents and disseminates music research worldwide ( The Bulletin is also available as Full-text on RAFT to libraries and academic institutions subscribed to EBSCO.

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Purchase Process

IKS membership is a relationship between you and the IKS. As a courtesy to active OAKE members, IKS membership dues may be paid via the OAKE website. OAKE will then send IKS notification of the transaction. OAKE is the financial servicer for this transaction. To find your receipt, please search for an email titled “Your OAKE receipt”. 

Membership Process

Official membership correspondence will be sent directly from IKS within 5-10 business days. All membership payments are final and not reimbursable. 

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