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The Kodály Envoy is published quarterly by the Organization of American Kodály Educators. The Envoy is compiled through scholarly work by our own OAKE members. It’s focus is to aid music educators in staying appraised of the happenings in OAKE, as well as music education nationally and internationally. The Envoy is circulated to thousands of music educators, university libraries, and collegiate students across America. Not only is the Envoy a great resource for your own classroom, it is a great place to find education programs throughout the US, and opportunities from institutions in your area. 

How to Access the Envoy

The Kodály Envoy is a digital publication for current and active OAKE members. Each issue contains a wealth of information for music educators, including articles, interviews, and resources for the Kodály community. Each issue also includes one public article that can be read regardless of membership status. Click here for a list of public articles.




How to Submit an Article

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Editorial Policy and Guidelines for Contributors 

Editorial Policy

The Kodály Envoy (ISSN # 1084-1776) is published quarterly by the Organization of American Kodály Educators (OAKE) and is a membership benefit. OAKE holds the copyright on all material published in the Kodály Envoy, and all rights are reserved. Requests for reprint permission should be sent to the editor.

The Kodály Envoy serves a varied audience, with readers looking for chapter, division, and national news and information, reviews of current books, music, and other resources, practical material for educational and professional use, and scholarly content about various aspects of the Kodály philosophy and music education. Statements and opinions expressed or implied in the Kodály Envoy are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the editor or publisher.

Submission of a manuscript implies that the proposed article is not currently under review by another publication and that it has not appeared elsewhere in part or in its entirety. Authors must secure and provide permission for the use of copyrighted material.

Manuscripts and other documents accepted for publication are edited to conform with Kodály Envoy style policies, which are based on The Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition). Manuscripts may also be altered to meet the requests of the editorial board or to fit available space. Copy that is significantly edited is e-mailed to the author for approval before publication. Final decisions regarding whether a manuscript or other document will be published and its content, revisions, scheduling, style, presentation, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and artwork remain with the editor.

Article authors receive no financial compensation.

The Kodály Envoy is indexed in the International Index of Music Periodicals, the RILM Abstracts of Music Literature, and Music Index.

Guidelines for Contributors

The Kodály Envoy seeks articles pertaining to Kodály-based music education at all teaching levels, as well as articles on related music and music education topics. When the editor has requested an article to be submitted, please follow these guidelines: 

  • Electronic submission is required. Articles should be submitted through Google Docs and not as a PDF. For best results, please adhere to the Envoy Online Media Submission Guidelines.
  • A suggested length for articles is 1,500 to 3,500 words, though articles may be longer or shorter. Columns and reviews are typically 1,000 to 2,000 words. Use endnotes instead of footnotes. Use only one space after a period. Permissible fonts include 12-point Times New Roman or 11-point Arial, double-spaced.
  • Select and follow a single scholarly style throughout (e.g., The Chicago Manual of Style or Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association). 
  • OAKE is not currently accepting articles for peer-review. We will publish research-based articles but authors who wish for their article to be peer-reviewed should first pursue publication in an appropriate journal employing a peer-review process.
  • Include a title page to show the author’s name, institutional or district affiliation, e-mail address, and brief biographical information. The author’s name should appear only on the title page. 
  • Avoid jargon, terms that suggest bias, and language that is discriminatory or otherwise offensive. 
  • Submit any photographs or illustrations, including musical illustrations, as separate electronic files. If submitting photos, identify any people in the photo and suggest a caption in the submission. Image file types should be PNG or JPEG, and should be 72 DPI.
  • In-text tables should be avoided, as they do not translate well with our current formatting. If using a table, please submit a separate image of the table. Table images should follow the same image guidelines outlined in the Envoy Online Media Submission Guidelines.
  • Submission of a manuscript implies that the proposed article is not currently under review by another publication and that it has not appeared elsewhere in part or in its entirety. If suggesting the Envoy republish an article, make this clear in communications to the editor/staff. Providing contact information of the copyright owner is appreciated, should the Envoy pursue publication of the article.
  • Authors must secure and provide permission for the use of copyrighted material. 


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