National Office

A note from the OAKE National Office:   (4-15-2020)
Hello everyone, we hope you are doing well, staying healthy, and staying busy while staying at home. The challenges we are facing now, as administrative professionals, teachers, and music makers, reveal the strength and tenacity we’ve learned from being musicians. Our work does not end, but instead grows and matures in new ways. 
Due to the current restrictions in the State of California, Colleen Graves, the Administrative Coordinator, is working from home. We want to let you know how this affects our daily work at the National Office. 
Our office hours are “virtually” the same.
9:00 am – 5:00 pm (PST), Monday – Friday, West coast time
Working from home can cause distractions we wouldn’t normally have in an office environment. If we’re unavailable, email is a great way to get in touch with us. We will return your calls as quickly as possible. 
Our communication with the outside world has not changed, but is slightly different from the normal routine.
  • Phones: The National Office and official OAKE phone contact is being forwarded to our homes. Phone calls will be answered, logged, and returned as needed as quickly as we’re able.
  • Faxes: We receive our faxes digitally.
  • Emails are virtually the same and will most likely be your best route of contact during this time. 
Please do expect to receive the regular communication and emails from the OAKE National Office that you’re used to. 
The USPS mail is delayed and taking longer than usual. Mail forwarding in Los Angeles is problematic. So for the time being, the mail will still be delivered at the physical location of our National Office. Ms. Graves will be checking the National Office mail once a week.
We strongly encourage you to renew your membership online, rather than sending us an application and check. Mail and processing of checks will be much slower
In relation to the aforementioned issues with USPS mail, our Publication order process is also delayed. All OAKE Publications are housed at the National Office. Expect a delay when planning to purchase publications. If you know you need a large amount of books ordered for summer programs, as an example, please let us know as early as possible. For more information, and to make an order, please email Ms. Graves.
We thank you for your understanding during this unique and challenging time.