New Publication! One, Two, Three: Children’s Songs from Israel

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One, Two, Three! 
Achat, Shtayim, Shalosh!  !שלוש שתיים אחת

Children’s Songs from Israel
Collected by Rita Klinger
Edited and Annotated by Martha Sandman Holmes
Illustrated by Laura Meilman
55 pages
ISBN 978-0-9914199-1-3
Price: $25

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A collection of 38 children’s songs, games and chants from Israel, selected and annotated by Martha Sandman Holmes, transcribed by Dr. Rita Klinger, beautifully illustrated by Laura Meilman.  This book is the latest publication in The OAKE Collection  (Organization of American Kodály Educators).   Dr. Klinger collected and transcribed these songs during the 1980’s from Israeli children on playgrounds and their parents. Martha Holmes, Rita’s close friend and editor, added some songs of her own to the collection.   

All songs may be sung in Hebrew, even for those who do not read or speak Hebrew. See how the Hebrew title is transliterated and then translated into English.  The same is true for every song.

This book is perfect for home and school.  This collection is categorized according to finger plays/chants, clapping games, jump rope/ball-bouncing chants, game songs and dances, and songs of childhood

For grades pre-school through grade 6:

Contents:  The OAKE Collection List, Introduction, Hebrew Transliteration Pronunciation Guide, The Organization of “One, Two, Three!”

The Songs:

Finger Plays and Chants

Bereleh (Little Snail), Bim, Bom Aviron (Bim, Bom, Airplane), Endenino (Counting Out rhyme), Even, Ne’ar, Misparayim (Stone, Paper, Scissors), Geshem Lech Maher (Rain Go Away Quickly), Shalom, Shalom, L’olam (Peace, Peace Forever).

Clapping Games

Cinderella Sheli (My Cinderella), Dani, Dani, Al Tifke (Don’t Cry, Danny), Ech Kara Davar? (How did it happen?),Hanaleh Ofah K’tana (Hannah the Little Baker), Ish Chasid #3 (A Chassidic Man).

Jump Rope and Ball Bouncing Chants

Agvaniah (Tomato), Can Bonim (Here They are Building), ‘Chat, Shtayim, Shalosh (One, Two, Three), ‘Chat, Shtayim, Yerushalayim (One, Two, Jerusalem), Esh, Besh,, Medura (Fire, Fire, Bonfire), Gingi Kalavasa (Red-headed Dog), Me’achorey Haya’ar (Behind the Forest), Mi Shalosh Yotze Echad (From Three One Goes Out), Peti Ma’amin (Peti Believes).

Game Songs and Dances

Al Sfat Hanachal (On the Riverbank), Ani Omedet Bama’agal (I Am Standing in the Circle), Aquaqua Dela Omar, Ben Lokeach Bat (A Boy Takes a Girl), Ish Chasid #2 (A Chassidic Man), K’she Hayiti Tinoket (When I was a Baby), Simi Yadech B’Yadi (Put Your Hand in My Hand), Uga, Uga, Uga (Cake, Cake, Cake), Yesh Lanu Golem (We have a monster).

Songs of Childhood

Basadeh (In the Field), Chanan V’Alisa (Chanan and Alisa), Eize Yofi (How Wonderful)

El Hamayan (To the Spring), Ish Chasid #1 (A Chassidic Man), Moshele Sheli (My Moshe), Pa’am Hayiti (Once I Was), Shnayim Sinim (Two Chinese), Yonaton Hakatan (Little Jonathan).


Index of Songs – English

Index of Songs – Hebrew

Index of Songs – Tone Set, Syllables, Range, Meter, Games

Biographies – Editor, Illustrator, Collector