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Choral Connections: Open-Access Resources Focused on Cambiata/Changing Voices 

Posted on April 1, 2024 in , ,

By Eva Floyd Changing voice workshops and articles are most often associated with teachers of middle school-aged students. However, these topics are relevant for elementary teachers as well, as they often hear voices changing in their 5th or 6th grade classes. High school teachers also crave this information…

Choral Connections: Let Us Sing Correctly: Reflecting on Kodály’s Publication Refining Intonation

Posted on October 1, 2023 in , ,

Eva Floyd Reflecting on my experiences with the publication When I first read the preface of Kodály’s Let Us Sing Correctly, I was confused by his statement “those who always sing in unison never learn to sing in correct pitch” (Kodály, 1952, p. 2). I didn’t understand the…

Choral Connections: A Glimpse into the World Choral Expo: Should You Consider Attending/Presenting? -Eva Floyd

Posted on November 1, 2022 in , ,

This edition of Choral Connections is about my experience at the World Choral Expo (part of the International Federation of Choral Music) in Lisbon, Portugal September 3-7, 2022. Supplementing the Choral Expo, “Exchange” sessions (hosted by the Singing Network) offered workshops focused on foundations of choral music and…