Harmonia Mundi Task Force Update

Posted on February 15, 2023 in , ,


The Harmonia Mundi Task Force was charged with gathering member feedback about the transition away from Harmonia Mundi as OAKE’s signature song, then guiding the OAKE community toward a new piece, ideally to be in place by the 2024 Conference. After articles in the Envoy, multiple rounds of feedback, discussion at the 2022 conference, and exploring options such as composer commissions or competitions, the Task Force has arrived to a different recommendation – not choosing a song. Rather than asking the community to adopt a single shared piece, the Task Force suggested creating an online folder where members can freely share and peruse a variety of pieces. Perhaps one piece of the member-generated collection will eventually grow on the hearts of OAKE members, or perhaps each national and local event will be unique depending on who holds the baton that day.

The OAKE Board of Directors approved this recommendation by the Harmonia Mundi Task Force and guidelines are being drafted.