Board of Directors and Committees

OAKE Board of Directors

Executive Committee

President – Donna Menhart 
President Elect – Kevin Pearson
Vice President – Katie Robertson
Secretary – Carol Forward
Treasurer – Bryan Wilkins
Deputy Treasurer 
Past President – Ann Leffard
Executive Director – Lauren Hirsh (ex officio)

Board Division Presidents

Eastern Division President – Karen Paulson Lowney
Midwestern Division President – Carmen Campbell
Southern Division President – Andrew Paney
Western Division President – Judith Chan

Board Regional Representatives

Eastern Division 1 Regional Representative – Kathryn Bach
Eastern Division 2 Regional Representative – Emily Reep
Midwestern 1 Regional Representative – Jeremy Howard
Midwestern 2 Regional Representative – Benjamin Rivers
Southern 1 Regional Representative – Rebecca Juarez
Southern 2 Regional Representative – Becky Halliday
Western 1 Regional Representative – Susan Tevis
Western 2 Regional Representative – Logan McKinney

Board Members at Large

Member at Large – Rachel Gibson
Member at Large – Jana Martin

Board Advisors

Higher Education Advisor – Christina Svec
Industry Advisor – Judy Pine
Instrumental Advisor – Shelly Suminski Mahpar
Secondary Education Advisor – Matthew Hanne

Board Ex Officio Members

Editor, Kodály Envoy – Renee Higgins
National Conference Business Director – Nancy Johnson
Executive Director – Lauren Hirsh
Administrative Coordinator – Colleen Graves

OAKE Committees

Advisory Council
The Advisory Council is comprised of Chapter and Division Presidents and Treasurers.  It serves as a network among local leaders.  Additionally, it advises the OAKE Board on issues that occur at the local and regional levels.

Kevin Pearson and Bryan Wilkins, Executive Committee liaison
Rebecca Juarez, Emily Reep, co-chairs

Advocacy and Public Relations*
The Advocacy and Public Relations Committee works with the OAKE staff to develop publicity materials and advocacy tools for the Kodály approach.
Kathryn Bach, chair

The Bylaws Committee maintains OAKE’s bylaws and governing documents.

Carol Forward, chair

Conference Sites and Steering
The National Conference Sites and Steering Committee oversees decisions that affect the ongoing structure of the OAKE Conference system.  This committee is also in charge of the selection of individual sites to host the OAKE National Conference.

Katie Robertson, chair

Envoy Editorial Board*
The Editorial Board works under the direction of the Envoy Editor to review, edit, and curate the content of the Envoy, OAKE’s peer-reviewed publication.

Renee Higgins, chair

The Equity Committee works to develop actions of inclusion of all voices and experiences within OAKE and to promote and ensure equity and equitable practices throughout all areas of the organization.
Donna Menhart, Executive Committee liaison
Ashley Cuthbertson, Valerie Diaz Leroy, co-chairs 

Fiscal Advisory Council*
The Fiscal Advisory Council works with the Treasurer and the Executive Director to advise on matters of fiscal policy that are outside the general area of expertise of OAKE’s Board of Directors.  Typically, the members of the Fiscal Advisory Council are not members of OAKE, but rather, occupy positions in the public and private sectors (accountants, attorneys, etc).

Bryan Wilkins, chair

Fiscal Planning
The Fiscal Planning Committee develops the OAKE budget and provides oversight for all financial and fiscal activities of the organization.

Bryan Wilkins, chair

The Fundraising Committee works with the Board of Directors to steer OAKE’s fundraising efforts, including capital campaigns and annual giving initiatives.

Bryan Wilkins, Executive Committee liaison
Lucinda Dalrymple, chair

History and Archives*
The History and Archives Committee works with the OAKE Archivist to collect and compile materials and develop protocols for materials to be submitted to the OAKE Archives at the University of Maryland.  This committee maintains a chronological record of OAKE and plans for special historical events in the organization, such as major anniversaries.

Carol Forward, chair

Instrumental and Secondary Choral*
The Instrumental and Secondary Choral Committee works to expand OAKE’s influence in the worlds of instrumental and secondary choral music education, through the programming of tracks at the OAKE National Conference, publication of articles in the OAKE Envoy, and various outreach initiatives.

Katie Robertson, Executive Committee liaison
Matthew Hanne, Shelly Suminski Mahpar, co-chairs

Leadership Training Task Force
The Leadership Training Task Force is a newly-formed ad hoc committee working to develop training to support OAKE chapter leaders, committee members, and the Board of Directors.
Kevin Pearson, Executive Committee liaison
Benjamin Rivers, Lisa Simmelink, co-chairs

Leaf Fund
The Leaf Fund Committee oversees the OAKE Leaf Fund, which awards grants that support the mission of OAKE and the Kodály movement in the United States.

Bryan Wilkins, Executive Committee liaison
Mary Epstein, chair

The Membership Committee spearheads member recruitment efforts for OAKE and leads member and chapter support activities.

Kevin Pearson, Executive Committee liaison
Rebecca Juarez, Emily Reep, co-chairs

National Conference Choirs and Choir Scholarships+
The National Conference Choirs Committee oversees rehearsals, auditions, and the organizational processes of the National Conference Choirs.

Katie Robertson, Executive Committee liaison
Lauren Fladland, chair

National Conference Program Team
The National Conference Program Team spearheads the organization and development of all OAKE National Conference events and programming.

Katie Robertson, Executive Committee liaison
Elizabeth Maughan, Rebecca Juarez, Aileen Miracle, co-chairs

The Nominations Committee reviews all nominations for the OAKE Board of Directors, researches potential candidates, builds the electoral slate, and oversees OAKE elections.

Kevin Pearson, chair

The Personnel Committee maintains and develops procedures and policies for all OAKE employees.

Donna Menhart, Executive Committee liaison
Kevin Pearson, chair

Planning and Development
The Planning and Development Committee works to foster the growth, success, and sustainability of OAKE.

Kevin Pearson, chair

Recognition & Research Awards*
The Recognition and Research Awards Committee(s) develop and implement criteria for the recognition of outstanding contributors to the work of OAKE and Kodály-inspired music education, reviewing all nominations for OAKE’s annual awards, and making selections based upon those nominations.

Carol Forward, chair

Research and Publications*
The Research and Publications Committee supports the research of OAKE members and those interested in the Kodály philosophy and has historically overseen all OAKE publications.

Kevin Pearson, Executive Committee liaison
Mary Epstein, chair

The Scholarships Committee administers OAKE’s professional scholarships, including the annual Jenö Ádám, Denise Bacon, and Katinka Daniel Scholarships.

Bryan Wilkins, Executive Committee liaison
Kay Tyler, chair

Teacher Education*
The Teacher Education Committee oversees the Endorsed Teacher Training Certification process, reviewing all endorsed training programs annually, updating standards for continued endorsement, and providing support to teacher education institutions attempting to establish Kodály training institutes.

Donna Menhart, Executive Committee liaison
Carol Forward, chair

Ways and Means
The Ways and Means Committee works to develop and implement plans for the fiscal sustainability of OAKE.

Bryan Wilkins, chair

* To apply to serve on this committee, find the OAKE Committee Application found in the Member Area
+ To apply to serve on this committee, find the National Conference Personnel Application found in the Member Area