Scholarships and Grants

The Jenö Ádám, Denise Bacon, and Katinka Daniel Scholarships
The Jenö Ádám, Denise Bacon, and Katinka Daniel Scholarships provide partial funding to OAKE members with Level I certification toward further study at OAKE-endorsed Kodály certification programs in the United States and Hungary. These scholarships do not examine financial need as criteria for awards. Members who wish to apply for these scholarships from OAKE will complete the general OAKE scholarship application, and the scholarship committee will determine which scholarship is awarded to the appropriate recipients.

How to Apply

Apply for a Scholarship

Submit a Recommendation 

February 1st

OAKE Leaf Fund Grant

The OAKE Leaf Fund provides funding to support educational and charitable activities in accordance with the purpose of the organization. Awards may be granted to the organization itself, Divisions or affiliated Chapters of the organization, endorsed educational programs, or to members for special projects or research.  Chapter workshops are ineligible for funding.  The committee welcomes potential project inquiries of interest, please send to [email protected]

How to Apply
The OAKE Leaf Fund has several projects in queue and is not taking new applications at this time.

Seek further opportunities through Kodály organizations and others such as:

  • International Kodály Society 
  • Some OAKE Divisions and Chapters
  • School Parent Teacher Associations
  • School Districts and Fine Arts Departments
  • Community Foundations and other philanthropic organizations in your area