Rates and Registration

The Pre-Registration deadline has passed as of FEBRUARY 3rd, 2020.
All Regular pricing will be the same on-site in Portland.
Registration will open at 10 am on Thursday March 5th.

To Register On-Site in Portland, please use the On-Site Registration Form

2020 Rates for Conference Registration:
(Rates are subject to change at the discretion of OAKE.)

Registration Rates Early Bird On-Site One Day


Professional Member

Retired/Student Member











Full Registration grants access to all regular Conference Sessions and Events from Thursday through Sunday, unless otherwise stipulated that they are a separately ticketed event. One Day Registration choices are Friday or Saturday.

Discounted registration ends after the Early Bird deadline, then On-Site registration rates are the same as the Regular rate during pre-registration. Pre-registering for the Conference includes advantages like early access to Guidebook, digital Session Notes, guaranteed purchase of Printed Session Notes, easy and fast check-in at the Conference, and registering for the Participant Choir. 

There will be two National Choir Concerts this year and information on concert tickets will be announced when all details are finalized.

Extra Additions  


OAKE Participant Choir

Guest Badge

Printed Session Notes

$80 Members  $125 Non Members





Mini-Conference: This is a separate ticket purchase and is not included with your regular Conference Registration. 
OAKE Participant Choir: Led by Dr. Ethan Sperry. The first rehearsal is Thursday at 5:45 PM and the performance will be Saturday early afternoon. Registration due by the Early Bird Deadline. 
Guest ‘Badge’: Includes Friday Night Event and President’s Reception tickets. Does not include tickets to events that are stipulated as being a separately ticketed event. Does not allow for access to Conference sessions.
Printed Session Notes: Pre-purchase by the Regular Deadline. Spiral-bound booklet containing schedules, maps, & clinician handouts. All conference materials also available for free through Digital Guidebook and online for print prior to/during the conference. A small amount of extra session books will be available for purchase on site, on a first come, first serve basis. 

OAKE National Conference Choirs Concerts Information 

This year there will be two OAKE National Choir concerts on Saturday, featuring two ensembles per performance: 1) Children’s and Concert Women’s (late matinee), 2) Youth and Chamber Ensemble (evening).  The venue is vibrant, yet small, and there is a possibility the first concert will sell out. OAKE will prioritize families and teachers of choir students having the opportunity to see their singers. Both concerts will be shown via video at the conference hotel and we encourage professional conference attendees to watch these closed-circuit versions. OAKE will communicate with Conference Attendees, Teachers and Families in the event that there are available tickets for sale.


  • The Online Registration form can only be submitted once. Any additional items, or items that need to be removed, cannot be added or changed after the form has been submitted. Additional items, like Mini-Conference and Concert tickets, can be purchased on-site at the Conference. 
  • Conference Registration, Mini-Conference tickets and Guest Badges can be purchased on-site.
  • If you need to use school funds, or split payment between school funds and a personal credit card, please use the Paper Registration form to indicate how your registration will be split. 
  • Registration for the Conference requires a payment. Purchase Orders are not a form of payment. 

Purchase Orders (POs) by themselves are not a form of payment. When we receive a Purchase Order, an invoice will be generated and sent per the instructions on the PO. In order to be registered, payment must be received, by check, with registration, before the Early Bird deadline. Any POs we have received and processed before the Early Bird deadline, with a generated invoice, will be honored at the Early Bird price (this is in case there are delays with mailings, etc). For POs sent after the Early Bird deadline: We will accept POs after the Early Bird deadline, they will have an invoice generated, but the payment will need to be a check in hand, brought to registration on-site. 

In order to receive a Refund due to cancellation, one must send a cancellation request by the Regular Registration Deadline. Cancellation requests should be sent to the OAKE National Office in writing by mail or e-mail. Refunds will reflect a 30% cancellation fee. Refunds will not be issued after the Regular Registration deadline. There are no exceptions to this policy. Exception requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please send cancellation requests to the OAKE National Office.