Rates and Registration

Pricing and Deadlines – 2022 OAKE National Conference

What is Early Bird Registration?
OAKE offers discounted registration up to the Early Bird deadline. Once that date is passed, prices change to the Regular/On-Site rates. There are several add-ons that are only available by the Early Bird date such as Participant Choir and guaranteed pre-order of the 2022 Printed Session Notes.

Why should I Pre-Register? What is the difference?
Online pre-registration saves time for both you and OAKE. Here are just some of the benefits:
Receive emailed updates and announcements prior to the conference, get first access to the Guidebook app and session handouts, guarantee your copy of Printed Session Notes (if purchased), your name badge will be ready to go when you check in at registration and check-in time will be smoother for everyone, opportunity to get involved with the Newcomers Program or as a Session Host or Monitor, and help OAKE anticipate attendance numbers and provide the best experience for attendees.

What if online pre-registration has closed?
A short period just prior to the conference allows OAKE to prepare materials and transition to the conference site. Registration WILL OPEN AGAIN at the Conference at the Regular/On-Site rates. If using this on-site option, it’s smoothest to print out and complete a paper form in advance to bring to the OAKE Registration table. Once posted, see the online conference schedule for times the Registration Table will be open.

  Early Bird Rate Regular &
On-Site Rate


OAKE Professional Member – Full Registration
OAKE Professional Member – One Day

OAKE Retired/Student Member – Full Registration
OAKE Retired/Student Member – One Day

Non-Member – Full Registration
Non-Member – One Day








Full Registration: Grants access to all Conference breakout sessions and conference events from Thursday through Sunday, unless otherwise stipulated as separately ticketed events. Includes reception tickets, concert ticket, and bus ticket. 

One Day Registration: Choices are Friday or Saturday and include tickets to receptions and concerts that day.

Conference events on Thursday starting after 7 pm are open to anyone.

Extra Additions  

Mini-Conference – Member Rate

Mini-Conference – Non Member Rate

OAKE Participant Choir

Guest Badge

Printed Session Notes










Mini-Conference: This is a separate ticket purchase and is not included with your regular Conference Registration. The Mini-Conference is traditionally led by a nationally known clinician and is scheduled from 1 pm to 4 pm on Thursday of the Conference. 
OAKE Participant Choir: A choir made from Conference Attendees. Rehearsals will not conflict with sessions. The performance is one half hour choral demonstration with the director. Registration due by the Early Bird Deadline. 
Guest ‘Badge’: Includes reception tickets, one concert ticket, and one bus ticket. Does not include tickets to events that are stipulated as being a separately ticketed event. Does not allow for access to Conference breakout sessions.
Printed Session Notes: Pre-purchase by the Regular Deadline. Spiral-bound booklet containing schedules, maps, & clinician handouts. A small amount of extra session books will be available for purchase on site, on a first come, first serve basis. 

Conference Materials: All conference materials will be available for free through our Conference App Guidebook. Any attendee who is pre-registered for the conference will receive conference materials before the conference. 


  • The Online Registration form can only be submitted once. If there are additional changes that need to be made and cannot be added once we are on-site, please email info@oake.org. 
  • Conference Registration, Mini-Conference tickets and Guest Badges can be purchased on-site at the Registration Desk. They do not require pre-registration.
  • If you need to use school funds, or split payment between school funds and a personal credit card, please use the Paper Registration form to indicate how your registration will be split. 
  • Registration for the Conference requires a payment. Purchase Orders are not a form of payment. 

In order to be registered for the conference by using a Purchase Order, payment must be received, by check, with registration, before the Early Bird deadline. Purchase Orders (POs) are not accepted by OAKE as forms of payment, or promises of payment. When we receive a Purchase Order, an invoice will be generated and sent per the instructions on the PO. All POs received by the Early Bird deadline will be honored at that rate. For POs sent after the Early Bird deadline: We will accept POs after the Early Bird deadline, but the payment will need to be a check in hand, brought to registration on-site. If any of this is confusing, please contact us to discuss. 

No refunds for registration will be given.

Some pricing or extras may be added or changed at the discretion of OAKE. Conference Registration prices will not be changed. (5-4-2020)