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Are you interested in getting the word out about your new teacher education program? Perhaps you have a job listing you’d like our members to see. We have more than 1,500 music teachers who are active in our organization.  We are always ready to give you the opportunity to share your products and opportunities with them.

Kodály Envoy Advertising

The Kodály Envoy is a quarterly publication published by the Organization of American Kodály Educators for music teachers, universities, libraries, and any other interested patrons. Advertising rates and requirements are subject to change.

Kodaly Envoy Advertising Contract Form 

Kodály Envoy Advertising Rate Card 



Fall Issue Deadline: 9/1, Published in October
Winter Issue Deadline: 12/1, Published in January
Spring Issue Deadline: 3/1, Published in April
Summer Issue Deadline: 6/1, Published in July


Covers (in color)
3/4 Page 7” x 7.5” vertical back cover $405
Full Page 7” x 10” vertical inside cover $405
1/2 Page 7” x 5” horizontal inside cover $220

Inside Pages (in black and white)
Full Page 7” x 10” horizontal $335
2/3 Page 5” x 10” vertical only $235
1/2 Page 7” x 5” horizontal only $180
1/3 Page 5” x 5” half of two columns $125
1/3 Page 2.5” x 10” one full column $125
1/6 Page 2.5” x 5” half column $75

Web Advertising
Color Web Advertisement with link, 300 x 100 pixels :  $200
Each web advertisement is 90 days in length and placed on our home page at


2 consecutive advertisements – 10% discount 
3 consecutive advertisements – 15% discount
4 consecutive advertisements – 20% discount

**Bundles count toward your consecutive total, but do not receive a discount. 


Check out our affordable options for bundling different advertisement options with web advertising or Conference advertising.

Web & Envoy Advertising: $395

  • One 90 day Web ad
  • Full Page B&W 7 x 10 Envoy ad

Web, Envoy, & Conference Advertising: $450

  • One 90 day Web ad
  • Full Page B&W 7 x 10 Envoy ad**
  • Full Page B&W 7 x 10 Conference ad: choice of placement in either the Conference Materials or Choir Program (see description below)
  • Digital Banner in GuideBook App, 600 x 110 pixels
    **Envoy Winter Issue only
  • This Bundle can be upgraded to include a cover spot for just $50

Note: The Full Conference Bundles are limited to the Winter Envoy issue.

Conference Materials 
Attendees to our Annual National Conference in March are given a Schedules book and can purchase Printed Session Notes. Your Conference Advertisement will be placed in both resources, as well as a banner placement in our mobile app GuideBook. The potential exposure of your advertisements is more than 1,500 conference attendees, choir singers, and choir parents.

Choir Program
This program is given to 1,500+ attendees for the National Conference Choirs Concert at the conclusion of the National Conference. Advertisers who choose this option will be given cover spots first and inside pages after, based on the order in which reservations were received.

A la cart Conference Advertising is available by request.
Are you interested in becoming an Exhibitor at the National Conference? Check out our Exhibitors and Sponsors page, where our Exhibitor packet will be posted in the Fall.

Submission Instructions

  • Fill out the Envoy Advertising Contract form, including all intended advertising and issue placement.
  • Print Ads should be in EPS, TIF, or PDF file formats, native InDesign or Illustrator files can be sent upon request.
  • Web ads and GuideBook banners should be in PNG, JPG or GIF format, with a resolution of 72 dpi, in an optimized format. 
  • Files must be high resolution, black-and-white only inside, 4-color only cover.
  • Use only Postscript Type 1 fonts, and be sure all fonts and graphics are included/embedded.
  • Additional charges to handle electronic ads that do not meet these specifications will be billed to advertisers.
  • Requests for cover ads will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Please call 310.441.3555 during office hours to check availability.
  • Send completed artwork by the deadline to
  • OAKE and the Kodály Envoy will not be responsible for printing problems that result from electronic ads that do not meet these specifications.