If your music teacher sent you here, that’s wonderful news! They’ve identified your child as a potential participant in the OAKE National Conference Choirs in Jacksonville, Florida! Many families have found this choral endeavor to be life-changing for their young singers.

What is OAKE, the OAKE National Conference, and the National Conference Choirs?

The Organization of American Kodály Educators has a mission to support music education of the highest quality, promote universal music literacy and lifelong music making, and preserve the musical heritage of the people of the United States of America through education, artistic performance, advocacy and research.

The OAKE National Conference occurs in a different city each year, bringing together music educators and clinicians over the course of four days and culminating in the performance of singers selected to participate in the National Choirs.  The audition-based OAKE National Conference Choirs are each led by a nationally renowned conductor.  Accepted singers will learn and memorize programmed music at home, with their own teachers, before going to the conference city where they participate in a rigorous 4-day rehearsal schedule, culminating in a final performance. 


Children’s Choir

Youth Treble Choir

Concert Treble Choir

Chamber Choir

Grades 4-5

Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12

Treble voices in
grades 4-5

Treble voices
in grades 6-8

Treble voices in grades 9-12

Tenor and Bass voices, plus Treble voices selected from the “Concert Treble Choir” auditions, grades 9-12

There is currently no audition limit per teacher for any of the choirs. OAKE values having participation from a variety of schools and teachers and in cases of close results may prioritize singers from schools with fewer accepted singers.


How does the audition work and what happens if my child is accepted?

Please explore the OAKE website and speak with your music teacher to learn more. 

  • If your family can commit to these dates and financial obligations, complete the Student Info Form in the Family packet and return it to teachers who will then work with singers to complete the audition process. Many audition for this artistic experience and acceptance into the choirs is not guaranteed. 
  • $26 audition fee: must be paid for auditions to be considered. Your teacher will email you a payment link unless your school is covering that cost. You do not need to create any accounts on this website.
  • Full financial commitment, if accepted: $300 registration fee, plus travel and hotel: Once accepted, choir registration and fee are a very quick turnaround in December. Do estimate other travel expenses.
  • Should your singer be accepted, register quickly by the deadline, then music packets will be shipped to teachers who will work with singers to prepare! The OAKE website will have all the info you need and we’ll alert you to updates by email. 
  • Families must stay at the official conference hotel: It’s close to rehearsals and these reservations defray the cost of rehearsal space and other aspects of the choirs which would otherwise drive up the cost of registration itself. Plus, it’s just fun to see everyone, including the teachers enjoying their own professional conference!
  • Travel plans: Be at the conference hotel in time for Wednesday afternoon Check-in and Orientation. Concerts are Saturday and we recommend Sunday departure.
  • Supervision: The National Conference Choirs Committee will take care of students only during rehearsals. Families or a designated chaperone must accompany them during all down-time, including meal breaks. The rehearsal schedule will be finalized in the weeks just prior to their trip.

Please be mindful that if your singer is accepted but then turns it down, another deserving singer has lost the opportunity. 




Responsibility of

Audition Applications Open Online



Teacher educates families and singer about opportunity to participate

Audition and Fee Deadline

paid online through Opus Events

October 13

$26 USD

Family completes student info form and returns form to teacher. Family pays fee online (unless school pays). Teacher submits audition.

Audition Results emailed

accepted or declined, all will be emailed 

by November 15



If Accepted



Responsibility of

Student Registration & Fee Deadline

music packets can only be sent for singers registered by the deadline

December 1

$300 USD
(*see reimbursement section below)

Family pays and submits registration 
(unless the school covers the fee)

Music Packets Mailed to Teachers



OAKE / music distributor

Singers Learn Music with Teachers



Teachers, Singers rehearse regularly

Teacher Conference Registration Deadline

January Early Bird



Choir “Extras” Order Deadline

t-shirts and choir program advertisements

January 15


Family or Teachers are welcome to order extra
(both optional)

Event Information

Details / Cost

Responsibility of

Accepted Singers In-Person:  Jacksonville, FL   MARCH 15-18, 2023 (Wed – Sat rehearsals, Saturday evening performance) 

*Teachers may arrive later than Wednesday, conference attendance and registration are required.

Visit the Choir Menu at for 

Rehearsal Locations & Hotel Lodgings and group rate booking link

Hyatt Regency JAX Riverfront

OAKE Rate: $177/night + tax
Special Rate Closes: Feb 15, 2023
Parking rates may also apply

Parent arranges for student/family. Teachers arrange for themselves.


Booking hotel long before the OAKE special rate deadline as the hotel block may fill sooner.

Flight/Travel to Jacksonville, FL (if accepted)

Costs Vary

All arrange for self / family


There is no charge for concert tickets and we anticipate plenty of seating for all who wish to attend, including teachers, extended families, and singers from the other choirs (schedule-permitting). We are currently planning two Saturday evening concerts at the Florida Theatre. After registration closes and ensemble sizes are known, we will be able to finalize plans and provide more details.


Concert recordings will be shared with all singers, families, and teachers of national choir members. Additional recording formats will still be available for purchase, as will extra t-shirts and “well wishes” printed in the concert programs.


$26 Audition fees are non-refundable. If your singer is accepted, $300 participation/registration fees are due early December. OAKE incurs expenses in anticipation of the event and cannot fully refund these fees, however 50% reimbursements will be offered in the following circumstances:

    • OAKE must cancel the event due to official mandates by the U.S. or State of Florida
    • Singer or a household member tests positive for Covid-19 between Feb 8 and the conference (with official documentation of proof)
    • Your home state or school administration ban travel to Florida (with official documentation of proof)

Have Questions?

Please check our Choir FAQ for Frequently Asked Questions by teachers, parents and students.
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