Thank you for your interest in the 2022 OAKE National Conference Choirs to be held March 2 – 5, 2022 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  These choirs are OAKE in action! They’re a source of pride and inspiration and we look forward to receiving your students’ auditions. We’re honored that you’re considering auditioning students and bringing them into an experience that many families want to repeat year after year.

Throughout the whole choir experience, the Choir Home Page and ‘Conference Choirs’ menu will be your “one stop shop” for the Master Timeline, recent updates, and other resources. Teachers, download the Audition Instructions below to get started!



Deadline for Auditions: November 1, 2021 (11:59 PM Pacific Time)


Sending payment links to parents

  • Follow the instructions in the “Audition Instructions for Teachers” in order to create your Opus account and begin the audition process. Opus is a new system for OAKE this year. All auditions are uploaded through Opus. 
  • Go to your Event Home page. Click on select all, or select the students who need a payment link sent and click on “Email CC Paylink to Selected…”  This will send the audition payment link to the parents. 
  • Teachers send payment links to families through the Opus dashboard. Families DO NOT need to create Opus accounts.
    • IF families created Opus accounts, alert OAKE and we will help to fix the error.

How to add Multiple Locations (students are from different schools, private studio, community choir, etc)

  • On the Event Home page, in the Location box, look for “Add Location”. Click there and a list will appear with the first option “Add New Location”. (See the image below for an example of two different locations)
  • In order to add a student to your new location, click on “New Application”. If you need to move a student to a different location, please let us know and we can move them for you. 


How to Pay for an Audition:

  • Teachers are solely responsible for uploading auditions. Please make sure to send your information to your teacher with the form in the Family Brochure. 
  • The teacher will send you a specific payment link via email that comes from Opus automatically.
  • Parents: Please do not make an Opus account to pay for an audition. Duplicate applications can actually end up costing OAKE extra operational costs. You do not need to make an account and do not need to enter any audition information. Please wait for the teacher to send you the payment email from Opus. Please work with the teacher directly if the email doesn’t come through when you expected it.