Thank you for your interest in the 2019 OAKE National Conference Choirs to be held March 20-23, 2019 in Columbus, OH.  These choirs are OAKE in action! They’re a source of pride and inspiration and we look forward to receiving your students’ auditions. We’re honored that you’re considering auditioning students and bringing them into an experience that many families want to repeat year-after-year.

Throughout the whole choir experience the Choir Home Page will be your “one stop shop” for a timeline and other resources. Teachers, download the Audition Instructions below to get started!

Teachers, here are important things to know before auditions:

  • Choir dates are Wednesday, March 20-23, offset from the professional conference Mar 21-24. The OAKE website also serves professional attendees and members.
  • Choir registration this year includes bus transportation to the concert venue.
  • For your singers to be eligible, you must meet all deadlines and follow directions. This year we have a Choir Teacher Checklist that you might find helpful.
  • Before auditioning, share the Family Brochure and get confirmation families can commit to the calendar and financial obligations. A student who is given a spot and turns it down means another deserving singer has lost the opportunity.
  • Some families may not receive our email for a variety of reasons. It’s important that you check in with them along the way and let us know immediately about any communication issues.
  • There are a handful of partial scholarships to assist students who expand the diversity of OAKE choirs. We are looking for donors and opportunities to grow the scholarship fund.
  • Memorization! Imagine what these directors can do when all singers are confident in their parts. HS choirs may have music checks to be sure singers are prepared.
  • New this year – you’ll receive a password to access the rehearsal tracks and some notation
  • Please renew your OAKE membership
  • Teachers must register and attend the conference. There’s a Secondary Choral Track on Sat.
  • Teachers bringing singers must register in December although the Early Bird deadline is later.
  • OAKE is comprised of a small staff and volunteers like you who together plan the entire conference and choirs. Your timeliness and attention to directions allows us to focus on creating a superb experience for you, singers, and families!

Help families understand their commitment before you audition their singer:

  • The choir and professional conference dates are offset by one day
  • If accepted, the turnaround is very quick to register and pay the $250 fee. They might prepare now for the financial commitment of the choir fee this fall plus travel and hotel expenses in the spring.
  • Families must stay at the official conference hotel. In addition to the close proximity to rehearsals, these hotel reservations help offset the cost of rehearsal space and other aspects of the choirs.
  • The OAKE National Conference Choirs Committee will take care of students during rehearsals only. Families or a designated chaperone must accompany them during all down-time, including meal breaks. The rehearsal schedule will be finalized in the weeks just prior to their trip.