Kodály Benchmarks

Establishing Musical Roots:
Benchmarks and Suggested Repertoire for Kindergarten through Grade Five (2019)

UPDATE: The Benchmarks publication is under review, including consideration of equitable repertoire. Members will receive an announcement when the updated version is available. (10-23-2019)

This document focuses on student outcomes. It demonstrates that the Kodály Concept is embedded in every facet of the 2014 National Core Arts Standards. One may find useful tie-ins to NCAS.

Peer reviewed by teachers and other experts in the Kodály Concept, this document provides justification for pedagogical approaches for administrators, school boards, and elected offices. It supplies help with teaching, assessments, curriculum design and with justifying a pedagogical approach or need for an advocacy tool. This document can help teachers chart a course for students to have a life-long love of singing and music-making, critical and creative thinking and community building.

This document is for music educators, both new to and experienced with the Kodály Concept. Since Kodály music educators are found across all states in the nation, it MUST be viewed as a MODEL and not the only acceptable interpretation of the Kodály Concept.

Students are educated to be stewards of their musical and cultural heritage; performers; critical thinkers; creative human beings; informed audience members. Together these outcomes are the manifestation of Kodály’s philosophy of universal musical humanism.