Lower School Faculty – Kodaly music

Thomas MacLaren School
Colorado Springs, CO
Posted On:
January 23, 2024


At MacLaren, music is not an elective or a “special” but is a central pillar in a rich, holistic, comprehensive liberal arts education that seeks to help students become more fully awake and alive to the world. Just as all our Upper School students play a stringed instrument and have daily Orchestra, all our elementary students have daily Kodály-concept music class. Lower School teachers enter into a community that deeply values music and the arts, and help to shape our elementary music program for years to come. These teachers enjoy working with young people in an atmosphere of kindness and courtesy, and love to lead students in our pedagogy of learning for its own sake, not for a grade. At MacLaren, we don’t teach to the test—we teach. In our experience, there is no single pathway for great teachers to follow on their way to MacLaren. Excellent teachers have come to us as chemists, homemakers, retired fighter pilots, and newly-minted college graduates. As a charter public school, we are exempt from teacher-licensure requirements; far more significant to us are curiosity, energy, intellectual humility, a strong work ethic, and an ability to build relationships with young people. We also ask that music applicants possess Kodály certification from an OAKE-endorsed program. Finally, Colorado Springs lands on just about every Top 10 Places to Live list for good reason: it’s gorgeous and affordable, with terrific weather and ready access to mountains, breweries, and the Garden of the Gods. Great prospective MacLaren music teachers, please visit http://www.maclarenschool.org/about_us/employment/

How to Apply

See our website at https://www.maclarenschool.org/about_us/employment, or email Michele Starcher, lead music teacher, at [email protected].