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OAKE is providing this directory as a service to the membership and to the greater musical community. Inclusion in the directory is based on OAKE membership, Kodály certification, and experience. OAKE does not endorse any individual clinician in this directory. All clinicians are independent contractors and are not employees of OAKE.

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Clinician Division State Areas of Expertise
Abbott, Amy Western Colorado Upper Elementary
Literacy Games
Singing Games
Arguelles, Gemma Western California Elementary to middle school chorus (treble)
Recorders (classroom instruments)
Music writing activities
Arlen, Karen Western California California History Through Song
Collect, Compile, and Present: State & Regional History Through Song
Choral Arrangements
Bain, Lauren Southern Texas Early Childhood Music Curriculum (K-1)
General Music Curriculum (K-5)
Instrument Applications in the General Music Classroom (K-5)
Bowcock, Sue Midwestern Minnesota Assessment and Curriculum Development and Implementation
Elementary Classroom Pedagogy
Vocal Development for Young Voices
Breen, Sean Western California Cognitive Neuroscience
Music Education
Kodály Influences in the 21st Century
Brown, Alicia Midwestern Illinois Latinx Folksong Repertoire
English Language Learner Strategies
Curriculum Development
Brown, Nyssa International International Transforming Curriculum Design in Music
Standards-Based Curriculum and Assessment
The Future of Education, Including Music
Brumfield, Susan Southern Texas Methodology, Choral Pedagogy
Traditional Music Performance and Research
Older Beginners, Curriculum Development K-12
Burns, Sarah Midwestern Illinois Rhythmic/Melodic Strategies
Curriculum Design & Assessment
Creativity/Improvisation Strategies